Stephen Maine reviews Scavenge plus mention in The New Yorker

20 July, 2017

Stephen Maine’s review considers MacPhee’s new work in relation to various art-historical references such as abstract painting and the use of clothing in modern art.

“On the painting-into-clothing spectrum, MacPhee occupies a very different position from (for example) the wearable paintings — parangolés — of Hélio Oiticica. Oiticica’s project was more conspicuously ‘socially engaged’ than MacPhee’s is. But (allowing the exhibition’s press release to shed light) MacPhee’s use of cheap, discount duds reveals her underlying concern with the economically precarious existence led by those who regularly clothe themselves from the 99-cent store. And anyway, social engagement is where you find it; arguably, for his late-1950s ink drawings of folded shirts fresh from the laundry, Willem De Kooning essentially collaborated with the worker who did his washing.” -SM

Read Stephen Maine, “The Clothes Make the Painting“, Hyperallergic, July 8, 2017

Also see a succinct write up on the show in the Goings on About Town section of the New Yorker.